Red Action Zagreb (Croatia)

First of all, it would be interesting to know, when you were founded and how big your supporting base is?

Like all left-wing here, we are a small group, but we compensate our small size with good organization and lots of activities. We are not attempting to build a massive organization and we don’t want to have passive members. Our goal is a disciplined and well organized dedicated activist collective. So far, we managed to organize cells in Zagreb, Split and Osijek. Of course, our support base is much wider than our official membership.

What is currently your biggest issue/problem in your area and what was it in the past?

There are of course many issues in Croatia but most of them are connected with the so-called Transition to market economy. During the last twenty years there is a massive campaign of privatizations, lay-offs, austerity measures and corruption involving west-European multinational companies. This was done by both the nationalists and the liberals in government. Liberalism and nationalism are two ideologies that rule by myths and false promises of an „independent“ or „European“ Croatia. They are both just puppets of the capital with an anti-peoples‘ political agenda.

Do you have problems with the public or right-wing organisations/people in your City?

Fortunately, the right wing here is much unorganized. There are a lot of people with right-wing views, but it’s not as popular to be a Nazi now as it was in the nineties when they had sympathies from the police. We always say, the fascists are only strong when the regime or capitalists want to use them. They are just mercenaries against the people.

How would you describe the situation and feelings towards antifascists or alternative people in your area?

During the last few years, there is an increase of antifa concerts and other events, and there is also a small, but active group of antifascist football supporters. So, the popularity of antifascist and left-wing ideas in the youth is increasing. It is also important to say that we are not a subcultural group. Some of us like football, others like ballet. Some listen to punk, some dance folk dances. We are united by our revolutionary ideals, not our lifestyle.

Is there anything you would like people to know about you/your City?

We think the most important thing people should know about Croatia and Zagreb is that there is an emerging left-wing movement here. Some five years ago, there was almost nothing but now there are magazines, intellectuals and, most important, activist collectives that intervene in workers‘ and peoples‘ struggles. That is something very new. The politics of the ruling classes is very much the same, it is a dictatorship of the capital, but now there is an organized opposition to it. Still small, but growing all the time. We showed that last spring when there were large anti-government demonstrations and in other struggles as well. The important issue we are dealing with now is the EU referendum. For us, it is most important to show that we are internationalist, and that is why we are against Fortress Europe and its capitalist policies.

Thanks for the interview.