Antifa Niš (Serbia)

Our group (AfaNi) is a small, informal, non-hierarchical group of people consisting of leftist ideas. Main values ​​of Afani are anti-capitalism and anti-fascism. Our struggle is directed against everything that involves any discrimination on the basis of diversity and its agitators on all fronts. The group exists almost one and a half
year (from September 2010.) and activists the mostly are students. Our actions are making banners, graffiting, posters and stickers, and for a couple of times we have organized concerts for some antifa and anarchist bands. We can say that we are the only antifa group in Nis. There are NGOs that are publicly declare as anti-fascist, but they also support capitalism, EU, repressive state institutions etc. that directly conflict with the fundamental values ​​of freedom and anti-fascism in general, and we don’t cooperate with them. Afani has regular meetings at which we decide about our work, actions and tactics for the derivation of the same. We are financing only by ourselves, by contributions that everybody give at each meeting, and unfortunately it proved to be insufficient.

About problems, they are more or less connected, one problem ‘’dragging” the others, that is, inability to physically confront the fascists on the streets. We understand that the public work to attract more people and group will grow faster, but after the first public action the whole group will be marked as target of extreme right-wing and nazi organizations. We do not talk by heart, but from the experience of some people who are now in Afani and they still have problems with fascists because of prior (antifa) public speaking . For current members Nazis still don’t know. We are working underground and all what they know about us is from our actions. They are suspicious but not sure, so they do not attack us.

The second, and also big problem is that we have already mentioned above financially. As we explained that we are a non-profit organization that is funded exclusively by contributions activists come back to the previous problem because if it has more members and it would be more money for more action which again triggered and activated even greater number of people. As you can see from this study there is only one way for progress and that is: To get rid of fascists bastards from Nis’s streets!

Citizens and especially youth in our town are not interested for social problems and politics. The most of them just want to have fun and find the easiest way to climb up on social pyramid. We hope that our work is not useless and that it will make young people to think and do something about capitalism, politicians and their cheap marionets!

Thanks for the interview.